Mindwreaking screaming = baby wailing

So, I am reading the Wheel of Time series. And I am now close to the end of books 2. Unfortunatly I get very little reading done and when I do it's almost alwyas after I've gone to bed, just before I fall asleep. Last night I was especially tired but still wanted to read... resulting in dreamworld/realworld overlap.

In the book, without spoiling too much there is this dark evil that howls and whispers and will rip the sanity and soul out of people leaving a mindless empty shell. In the chapter I was reading they where talking about this, and, as I slowly drifted into dreamland, I started hearing the mindwrecking howling... and in my mind it sounded exactly as a very unhappy wailing Kupo. Very upsetting, I actualyl woke up and thought he was awake (he wasn't).

So there you have it, from The Truth™ of a dream, baby screaming = sanity loss. ... Makes sense really ;)

A "thank you" would be nice

So, today I got up early, fed the baby adn took him to daycare. Then when I came home I gathered a wash and set it over, and took dry cltohes down and put up the newly washed cltohes when it was done. I also sterilished babybottle and did most of the dishes (it's a big pile as our washingmachine is broken).
I've brought water with ice in it, twice and an actual icecream for her. Adn gave her a massage, twice.

When I whent to get the baby I bought groceries o nthe way home. When I came home with baby and grocieris, I changed babys diaper and then wanted to take him outside in his bathing tub to cool of a bit in the heat, as we had talked about. I asked her opinion, she didn't cared.

Then I remember he needed a bottle first, and mentioned it tomyself, which was med by a "shut up or I go upstairs again".

Today I have recieved no thank you or kind word (the one I forced out of her for getting the icecream doesn't count). I have recieved but several snide remarks and a direct hostile outburst.

You know... a simple thank you, would make things a bit easier...

I'm back baby!

...or more literally: I'm back -with a- baby.

I feel like making a year-rapport talking about all the stuff that has happened in the last year where I've been AFLJ, but I'm afraid I do not have the time right now. And you are all up-to-date anwyay, what with reading Kittys journal anyway, and everything. So no reason to make an outdated and poorly written version of the same.

Besides I really should go hang up the laundry and then take a shower. We are going to see one of the other baby-making couples we know later today (the one with the soon to be soccer mom), and I need to get ready.

But I just felt like posting. And I will post more in the future.

Also I wanted to Kitty that I really like her (shes leeping atm.) and that she should really, really post her fic. (Your in for a treat guys, especially if you like pretty blond guys and/or sexy redheads with an attitude). ;)

Btw. Kupo is doing great. He is now starting to eat real food (real baby food that is, but more real than milk). And he loves it! He loves it so muich that he spits it out just to taste it again and he want to share his love, so the food goes everywhere!

PS. *Ding*. I am now level 27.

I can haz baby?

Gaaah! No more denying! No more speculations. It is teh truth.

She is having a small living being inside her and theres no way around it. It even responds to poking!!

Here is is:

I'm slowly going in to 'father' mode. Already being protective and so on. I hope it's not a daughter. Not because I don't want a daughter. I would love a daughter, but I feel sorry for her already as I would be over-protective. "No his not good enough for you!!" or "I'm going to beat him up if he ever mistreats you" or "You'll always be my little girl" ad so on... I can imagine it quite livingly.

But I think I don't have anything to fear. Akasha has declared it to be a boy as, during the scanning, the 'kid' kept giving us and the doctors nothing but a mooning... such a kid _has_ to be a boy... aparently.
I wonder what name we'll end at.

I iz no ded.

Yeah, I'm still alive.

I haven't posted here for quite a while, I know, but there haven't been much to write about. I should still post anyway but I haven’t really had the mood to write about stuff. But heres making up for a good bit of it:

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Yeah just in case you didn't know, my girlfriend [info]akashathekitty is pregnant, due for middle of November :D

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I'm not sure any of my readers are really into RPG-games so not sure how much I should dwell on it. So I'll cut right to the next big thing.

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 Its ok I forgive you, just read the parts that might interest you.

Book meme

I've been tagged by akashathekitty.

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open it on page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Copy the next three sentences into your blog.
5. Tag five people.

"Denne kobling har en række uheldige konsekvenser, bl.a. at emnevalgene så kan blive begrænsede til hvad lærerne rent faktisk måtte være eksperter i, hvilket som en udbredt tendens ville føre til et meget konservativt indhold i uddannelsen. Desuden kan det betyde kødannelser, mange ansøgninger om eksterne vejledere, bindinger til vejleder så vejledeskift bliver umuligt, samt at begge parter holder liv i en forestilling om at det vejledningen først og fremmest skal gå ud på er samtale, forslag og råd til det indholdsmæssige. Specielt kan mange specialeskrivere lige så godt indse at de hurtigst selv bliver eksperten."

Wow that was a long one, can you tell it's from a scientific book? Such long sentences >.<

I'm not even going to try to translate it to English. I'm sure some online translation will yield interesting results.

If anyone gives it a try I'll tell if it's right or wrong.

I'm tagging ebonhush and sparkling_laugh and [info]sunsun_shine.

I don't have enough friends to tag 5.


Wohoo I am now level 26.

Doesn't seem that long ago I last gained a level. It's weird, you would think that life would follow the traditions of all RPG games, so that it becomes harder and harder to gain levels, but no. When you are around level 12 or so it takes ages to 'ding' but when you are going from level 25 to level 26 you hardly get a chance to enjoy one level before you go up again.

This might be linked to the fact that you do not really gain new abilities and skills as fast as the low levels. So you need to gain levels faster in order to feel your going somewhere. I mean, going from level 1 to level 3 you learn a ton of new abilities; you go from Enhanced movement (Crawling) to Enhanced movement (Walking) and from Sound Mastery (Wailing) to Sound Mastery (Talking) and lets not even get started on the Bowel Control skill, man those levels without that skill really suck.

Of course at higher levels you get to multi-class and go into prestige classes. I got a level of University student for instance until I dropped that and went for the School Teacher prestige class (And to even gain access to those I had to take 3 years of College Student). I even have a level as Slacker just to get a few extra points in the Complaining about the Government- and Carousing-skills.

I must admit I never was a powergamer and I actually enjoy the game at this level. Sure I'd like to gain a few more levels, I need that to gain access to the Steady Job advantage... Maybe I'd take a few disadvantage such as Dependents just to cut a few corners. Hmh.
Anyway, my point with not being a powergamer is that I never set out to reach maximum level in a game, and good riddance they keep raising it all the time anyway. Only 20 years ago the maximum level where around 80 but now I think it's about 90.
I'm also not sure I'm really interested in it, from what I hear about those Epic level they are pretty hard. Many doesn't make it through them at all.

A Shame life only come in Hardcore mode, else I would probably give it a shot.

Ah well. I'd better get back to grinding some XP.